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Terms & Conditions

Al Rafeej includes Al Rafeej Services and Car Rental Company W.L.L, subsidiaries of Al Rafeej Services and Car Rental Company W.L.L and their respective agents, servants, officers and employees.

Al Rafeej Services and Car Rental Company W.L.L is referred to in these Terms & Conditions (T&C) as “Company « or  » The company « .

 Scope of These Terms and Conditions (T&C)

These T&C shall govern and apply to all services provided by the Company, BY SIGNING THIS APPLICATION, THE CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT S/HE HAS READ THESE T&C AND AGREES TO BE BOUND BY THE SAME. These T&C constitute the entire agreement between the Company and the Customer. Al Rafeej shall not be bound by any agreement which varies from these conditions, unless such agreement is in writing and signed by an authorized officer of Al Rafeej. No employee of the company shall have the authority to alter or waive these T&C, except as stated herein.

Company’s Obligations

Upon acceptance of a customer’s membership, the Company agrees to offer its services to the customer after 48 hours. The company reserves the right to refuse any membership of any person at its own discretion.

Customer’s Obligations

To pay applicable rates and charges and sign the application form.

Services description and limitation liability

The company will be responsible for the customer’s car only while it is within the company’s custody and control. COMPANY’S LIABILITY IS LIMITED TO FIVE HUNDRED QATAR RIYALS (QR 500/-) or its equivalent per occurrence unless a higher value is declared on the application form at the time of the service(s) application, in which case additional premium fees are applicable to be paid by the customer.

  1. The Company offers its services within the State of Qatar.
  2. The Company road assistance services are only applicable to non-commercial cars. Each membership covers one customer’s registered car, only.
  3. After 48 hours from the activation of customer membership, the relevant fees cannot be refunded.
  4. Road assistance will be applicable on accessible areas agreed by the Company road-assistance team (g. sand beds, seashores & off roads are not applicable)
  5. If your car breaks down, please stay close to it until our service team arrives. If you have safety concerns, please let us know about your location.
  6. The car must be moveable, and its status should be reported in advance to the Company service team.
  7. The Company services will be provided only to customers with valid membership.
  8. Customer must provide membership No. or Qatar ID to receive Company Services.
  9. All towing services will be provided to the nearest garage or to customer’s chosen garage within Doha.
  10. When the need arises to transport a customer’s car using a breakdown, or similar mean, the breakdown insurance company is responsible and liable to any damages that might happen to the transported car due to negligence, accident or any similar action that might happen to the customer’s car while loading, unloading or transporting the car to the required destination point.
  11. For battery issues, the Company will assist you with battery booster or jumper cables. In case a new battery is needed, it will be supplied at an additional cost (the cost & battery brand are subject to the customer’s approval).
  12. Emergency fuel delivery – In case a member’s car runs out of fuel, Company will provide the car with fuel sufficient to reach nearby fuel station. The delivery and cost of fuel is at no cost.
  13. Flat tyres – A) If there is no puncture, Company will re-fill the tyres with air. B) In case of puncture, Company will change the flat tyre using the cars serviceable spare wheel. If there is no spare wheel, Company shall repair the tyre at the nearby tyre shop, or authorised repair centre at an additional cost. C) If there are multiple punctures or the spare wheel is unserviceable, then a new tyre will be supplied at an additional cost. D) If replacement wheel studs or locking wheels are not available, Company will ensure that the car is towed to a nearby puncture shop or authorised repair centre (subject to customer’s approval).
  14. Lost key – Company will open the car. If a new key and/or programming is needed, these are charged separately.
  15. Road assistance services are unlimited for all our members. However, at the discretion of the company, membership of those customers who suffer an unnatural number of breakdowns shall be cancelled at no refund.
  16. Under normal conditions, road assistance services will be provided to the customers no more than once within 24 hours. However, additional services would be provided by the company to customers with genuine requests (not in contradiction with clause no.14).
  17. At its discretion, the Company reserves the right to refuse to provide services to customers who behave unprofessionally or treat Company staff or contractors in an abusive way.
  18. In normal conditions, Company breakdown team shall be arriving to the inoperative car within an hour. There might be delays for the road assistance team to reach the inoperative car due to storms, extreme weather conditions, roadblocks, diversions, serious traffic accidents, traffic congestions or any other acts of God which could prevent the Company from assisting you promptly.
  19. In case the car requires spare parts to be procured, the customer will bear all relevant costs in addition to any labor cost required.
  20. Road assistance services are not offered prior to police inspection of the car involved in accident/collision or have sustained damage due to impact, malicious or criminal acts, flood damage and/or any other similar cases.
  21. Lost membership card shall be replaced with a service fee of QR 25. A new card, as well, shall be supplied to the customer at the same cost, in case the car was replaced during the membership period.
  22. For any services, other than emergencies, the customer must make a request to the company at least 72 hours in advance.
  23. Replacement cars are normally provided to our customers who have selected the « Premium Plus » or « VSP » membership category. If a replacement car is not available, Al Rafeej Services will guarantee our customer a pick up and drop off service from home to office, and vice versa. Customers with a different membership category still could request a replacement car (or a pick up and drop off) service at predefined rates which will be attached to this contract.
  24. In addition to breakdown services, the package for “Premium” ‘membership category includes: One Istimara (car registration) renewal and one insurance renewal.
  25. In addition to breakdown services, the package for “Premium Plus” membership category includes: One Istimara renewal, one insurance renewal, an airport two-way trip, one-time car servicing, and one car replacement for 24 hours maximum.
  26. In addition to breakdown services, the package for “VSP” membership category includes: One Istimara renewal, one insurance renewal, an airport two-way trip, one-time car servicing, one car-replacement for 48 hours maximum (or two car replacements, 24 hours maximum each), and one pick-up and delivery service.
  27. Governmental registration charges and insurance coverage fees shall be paid by the customer. The company is committed, on behalf of the customer, to take the car to the MOT test-centre for registration renewal. If the car does not pass the test, certain repairs might be neededbefore re-testing. Any costs related to these repairs (and/or spare parts) shall be borne by the customer.
  28. The package for “Premium Plus” and VSP” includes the Car-service track record. This service consists of keeping records of the repairs and maintenance performed on the registered car.
  29. Notwithstanding the membership category, each customer can request anyone of our services. These additional services will be provided at predefined rates which will be attached to this contract.
  30. Any clause or part thereof of these terms & conditions can be changed/modified/deleted/added at the sole discretions of Al Rafeej Services management. The customer shall be notified of such change or modification.
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