Car Hire

& Car Replacement

If you’re involved in an accident and your car has to go in for repairs, you probably won’t want to be forking out for taxis or relying on public transport while your motor is off the road. But does your insurance policy provide you with a courtesy car? Or does your policy require you to pay extra on top of your premium to ensure you get a replacement vehicle?

What is

a courtesy car ?

A courtesy car is a vehicle provided by a garage or repair shop for use while your car is being repaired.
A courtesy car may be provided as standard on your car insurance policy, or you may need to purchase it as an optional extra.

As Premium Plus & VSP Members :

Al Rafeej will provide you with a courtesy car (1 and 2 days respectively) while your car is being repaired or serviced. If your car is still not ready by then, Al Rafeej will ensure you get a competitive hire rate for the additional time you require.

Other Al Rafeej membership categories also provide you with the opportunity to hire a car at competitive rates, but without the complimentary days offered to Premium Plus and VSP members.